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Please read a recent letter from the Congolese Health Department:
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One Net One Life


Mosquito Bed-Nets for Malaria Prevention

About UNA-DRC's Insecticide Treated Mosquito
Bed Nets Campaign

There are thousands of internally displaced people forced to leave their homes and find shelter either in the bush, mountains, or in neighbouring villages or countries due to fighting that broke out between a renegade General and the Congolese national army.

As a result of the fighting, it is estimated that over 800,000 people are internally displaced in North Kivu province (Goma) in the last six months. (Some sources indicate 800,000 to a million people are displaced.)


During 2008, we accomplished some of our malaria prevention project goals: We conducted mosquito bed net distributions in Eastern Congo in 14 villages.

For 2009, we ask for your help to bring more bed nets to Eastern Congo. We want to bring nets to those who did not receive nets last year!

Please view the photos of our 2008 distribution.

Photograph by John Stanmeyer VII Photo Agency
Photograph by John Stanmeyer
VII Photo Agency

In a hospital, a woman holds her two year old son who contracted malaria. The child is in critical condition as his infection develops into cerebral malaria. In the background hangs a mosquito bed net, which would be used to cover the bed at night while sleeping.

UNA-DRC is leading an effort in response to this grim situation. Our goal is to provide free insecticide treated bed nets to seriously affected groups in the Kivu province:

In addition to distribution of bed-nets, UNA-DRC will also perform:

As part of our efforts in the U.S., we are reaching out to
corporate sponsors, foundations, universities, coalitions, and other organizations for help.

Please click this link for specific details from Cissa Wa Numbe, Secretary General of UNA-DRC -- Kivu Region Malaria Prevention and awareness campaign for 2008/2009.


Why is our effort effective?
UNA-DRC is already located in the Kivu-Goma region.
There is no "middle-man" - we are the local grass roots movement.

For more details of how you can help
and for Detroit area fund raisers

Students and Civic groups
for The Congo Cause
Mosquito bed nets to stop malaria

Bed nets save lives


AIDS and Malaria: The Connection

According to research published in the journal Science, Malaria increases the AIDS epidemic:

"When people with Aids contract malaria, it causes a surge of HIV virus in their blood, making them more likely to infect a partner, the research says." -- Aegis News/BBC

BBC News: Malaria 'speeds spread of Aids'


CBS News Video: War Against Women in the Congo

A CNN Anderson Cooper Report - January 2008


BBC News - Recent photos - "Surviving Congo" According to the BBC news, "The majority of deaths – estimated to be nearly 60% higher than the average in sub-Saharan Africa – are due to preventable and treatable diseases, such as malaria, diarrhoea and pneumonia."

A mosquito bed-net photograph owned by the BBC. We viewed this photo for several minutes before finding all the babies in the bed. One bed net can save many lives!

Mosquito Bed Net Link for Flash Animation

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