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Here are some links to literature to support peace, human rights awareness, and health in the Democratic Republic of Congo:  

UNA-RDC constitution (or PDF file)

UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights   (or PDF file)

UN Millenium Development Goals

Hand washing and more hand washing

HIV-AIDS and Prevention

The UNA-DRC staff are involved with translation of literature and materials which contain information related to human rights, health, peace, and other topics related to its mission of helping the Congo. Literature and materials are translated from English and French into the native languages of the Congolese people.

Here is an excerpt from the April 2008 WFUNA Issue 81 Newsletter:

"To educate rural Congolese women and children about their rights, the UNA-Democratic Republic of Congo has published two booklets that compile excerpts from domestic and internationals laws, declarations, resolutions and treaties referring to women and children. The booklets are available in French, and are being translated into indigenous languages. To make the most effective use of this tool, the UNA is organizing seminars in which they talk to women and children about what their rights are, and what they mean, and then provide them with the booklets."

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