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During 2008, we recently accomplished a portion of our 2008-2009 malaria prevention project goals. We are continuing our malaria prevention goals into 2009.

Please view the photos of our recent bed net distribution.

UNA-DRC has many goals including:

Our long range goals include:


UNA-DRC programme for year 2006-2008 is based on the following areas:

1. Peace building and conflict prevention and resolution
2. Capacities building and Organization Development
3. Education, campaign and networking
4. Consultancy and Liaison
5. Promotion and Information on UN work, principles and MDGs

These programmes are aimed at fostering peaceful co-existence among different people and communities in their diversity and tolerance through dialogue, discussion, debates and all forms of exchange and facilitating the flow of information between and among people mainly in potential and actual conflict situations so that lasting peace, security and democracy and sustainable development can be established and developed

We host workshops, training and radio - TV educational programmes, train leaders and publish newsletters.



  • Further strengthening of the Secretariat General and its administrative capacities

  • Strengthening the Resource, Information, Training and Education Centre (RITEC) through Model UN, Seminars and workshops, bulletin, radio TV programmes.

  • Continuing membership recruitment, strengthening the three existing branches and opening of new branches where necessary mostly within universities and colleges.

  • Continuing participation in the UN-African Union Great Lakes peace, security and development process.

  • Strengthening the Conflict Prevention, Resolution and Peace and democracy building and MDGs Programmes through reconciliation, mediation and awareness rising, training and community capacities building.

  • Developing and implementing a social and economic support programme for women and girls victims of sexual violence and to decommissioned child soldiers living in the streets.

  • Promoting networking and international Volunteering and Traineeship Exchange Programme.