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Share, Draw, Write


A Day in my Life in Congo: Share your life with other kids from around the world. A Day in my Life in Congo is a Wiki page for you to share your life with other children around the world. Almost like a blog, you control the format, and create your own thread topics.

What is your life like in the Dem. Rep. of Congo? Tell us about what your day is like. Share stories with other kids.


The Pen Pal Project

See how many friends you can make from another country, within Africa and outside Africa.

First, check the Sharing page Clstr Map to see if your location is on the map. A dot shows if someone from your area has visited the Bed Nets page. If you don't see a dot for your location, you can visit the Bed Net to be tracked as a visitor. Check the "Clstr Map" site visitor tracking map on the next day to see a dot for your location. (There is a one day delay for a new country-click to be added).

Then go to the Pen Pal Wiki Page to add your posting-thread and share in the Pen Pal discussion with other kids around the globe. How many pen pals can you connect with?

Tell other kids:

If you live in the Congo, be sure to visit A Day in my Life in Congo to share with other children around the world.

During the pilot of this section, May of 2008, we are looking for assistance from schools in the U.S. to be partners to help us develop the Pen Pal project. Please send us an email if you have interest.



Future Plans and Ideas

We're still developing this section. In the future, we hope to add more content for kids. including an animation about malaria prevention. Please send us your ideas.

Draw your story!
We like this idea. What do you think about it? We hope to include this in the future:

Use Tux Paint or Doozla to draw a picture of your life in the Congo or your life somewhere else on the globe. Then share your drawing on the Amani Flckr Photos page or the Amani Tux Paint page. (Both Tux Paint or Doozla required installation and a bit of learning.)

(Note: Final site tool link, Tux Paint or Doozla, to be decided after pilot evaluation)


Create a Video with Eyespot - We think this is a cool concept! We hope that further development of this website portal for UNA-DRC will include the Eyespot tool, as well as the other tools that we've included in this link section.

Explore, play, draw, create and ...paint your world!




Some Outside Links for Kids that we Like: Create games on using Millennium Development Goals. Kids can learn about the world while creating games. With the games, kids can challenge, play, and win while learning. This prototype site will be available soon.

Guess the Animals: Please visit a zoo site "Sound Sense" where you can hear the sounds of animals at a zoo in Detroit, Michigan, United States.

Listen to the sounds and view the photos. Can you guess the animal names from the English names or from the sounds? (This site is available only in English.)


Create Games: Learn to create fun online games and learn programming at the same time with Scratch. (Use the link at the top right of the Scratch site to choose your language.)


Learn Jazz Concepts: Learn about American music - jazz. On the linked site, you can learn about jazz history, characteristics, composers, and musical make-up of jazz.

This Detroit based non-profit site is under development and will later have animations showing jazz compositions in a time-line visual form along with the audio recording.

Please visit Jazz Audience Advocates to find out what they are creating now for you to use in the near future.



Questions: contact